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Coaching with J.D. Frost

  • Access to J.D. Frost University

  • Be mentored by J.D. on a weekly basis for 30 or 60 days

  • Weekly check in calls

  • Learn how to grow your business from zero to 20 million in revenue

  • Learn how to grow a team from 0 employees to 60+ employees

  • Learn how to create multiple streams of income

  • Learn how to create strategic partnerships that turn into multi million dollar real estate deals, lending, and money making opportunities

  • Learn how to incorporate the daily ledger into your everyday life and utilize and discover the behaviors and activities required to reach your goals 

  • Learn how to incorporate God, family, friendships, and business into your life in a ferociously consistent way

  • Learn how to maneuver and strategically plan as it relates to litigation, taxes, competition, and obstacles in your business and life

  • Learn how to pay less taxes and create more cash flow in your business

  • Learn how to create a marketing plan that will create enough deal flow to fill your calendar everyday with opportunity

30 Days for $2,500
60 Days for $10,000
Includes 2021 Tax Planning
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Option 1: 30 Day Coaching for $2,500
Option 2: 60 Coaching & Tax Planning for $10,000
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